Primanima szabályzat

– 31 OCTOBER 2020

Submission period: May 1 – July 31!

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, like many festivals, we also need to take into account the possible second wave of the virus, therefore to adapt to the changing environment around film festivals, international travel, etc. We are opening the call for entries in hope to select great short films to present to our audiences, but we have changed some aspects of the regulations, in order to provide us with some flexibility, so that Primanima could take place in uncertain circumstances as well and we could rethink and rescale the festival. In all cases, we would like to support young authors and our audiences.


1) It should be an animated film, meaning that it is produced frame-by-frame using various techniques other than live-action or mixed with live-action;

2) it should be eligible in one of the following categories:

  • workshop film = your animated short film produced at high school, workshops, university education or any other trainings as a student (older than 15 years old)
  • graduation film = your B.A. or M.A. school-leaving short film
  • début film = your first animated short film production apart from an educational background
  • children’s film = any animated short film made for children if it falls in any of the above categories, or it is made by an up-and-coming director under the age of 40.
  • films for teenagers = films suitable for teenagers (aged 12–18) submitted for any of the above short film categories will also be considered by the programmers for the PrimaTeen competition category.

3) it should be completed after the 1st of January 2018;

4) it should be no longer than 25 minutes;

5) it should have English subtitles included if it is with dialogues.


If your film matches all the above requirements, please do the following:

  • fill out the online entry form on PRIMANIMA’s website or submit your film through Film Freeway;
  • send your film for pre-jurying. We recommend you to submit your film already in its screening format by providing a video streaming URL (Vimeo, Youtube or Dropbox links)

By submitting your film to PRIMANIMA you confirm that you own the rights of the film or you acquired full permission to do so, and you agree to the followings:

  • the public screenings of your film(s) during the festival
  • the use of photographic material or other documents related to films entered to the Festival solely within the framework of the Festival and its promotion in the media

You can optionally agree to the followings:

  • the use of excerpts of maximum of 3 minutes or 10% of running time for publicity purposes of the Festival
  • the additional screenings of your film(s) in the follow-up events of Primanima promoting and circulating the Festival results (e.g. screening of award winning films); for any additional use of your film(s) besides the above cases the festival organizers will request a written permission from the filmmaker or producer
  • if the circumstances around festivals are changing and the physical event is not an option for us to the online screening of your film (on a geoblocked or password-protected platform)


The official selection will be announced in the first week of September 2020. Films will be selected by the Festival Organizing Staff. The chosen films will make up PRIMANIMA’s official selection in the following categories:
– short film competition with three main subcategories (student films, graduation films, début films), children’s film competition, and PrimaTeen film competition.

There will be no oral or written critique given on films submitted. We will only notify those whose films have been selected for competition. We will not individually notify entrants who were not selected for competition.

Screening of films

If your film is selected to PRIMANIMA (either competition or out-of-competition programme), you should send us the screening copy of the film in case the copy sent to pre-selection does not match the screening requirements:

  • Only high quality digital video files are accepted as a screening copy.
    (HQ videos can be sent by Wetransfer / Dropbox / as downloadable Vimeo files.)
  • the screening copy must arrive until the 30th of September 2020.


PRIMANIMA Organizing Staff will decide on the composition of the international jury made up of 3 members. No jury member must be, in any way, involved in the production or distribution of films which they will have to judge.

Official Awards

a) Grand Prix

b) George Pal Award for the Most Promising Hungarian Talent

c) Best Début Film

d) Best Diploma Film

e) Best Student Film

f) The Children Jury’s Award for the best children’s animation

g) PrimaSound Award for Best Sound Design

h) Student Jury Award

i) Macskássy Gyula Award for the Most Popular Hungarian Film

j) Audience Award for Best Short Film

k) Audience Award for the Best International Children’s Film

l) Csermák Tibor Award for the Most Popular Hungarian Children’s Film

m) The Award of the PrimAlter Jury

n) Best PrimaTeen film

o) The Award of the PrimaKids Jury

The total amount of money prizes will be announced at the beginning of the festival.

Organizers and Patronage

PRIMANIMA World Festival of First Animations is organized by Primanima Ltd and Manifeszt – Professional Association of Hungarian Artists of Animated Films.

Tamás Patrovits – Artistic Director

Anna Ida Orosz – Programme Curator

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